Packaging supplies & consumables tracking done right

A powerful system with great features that you can use in your warehouse / packaging facility.

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We proudly provide packaging label tracking solutions to our clients. We use RFID technology to follow roll labels and keep track of available inventory throughout the process, using unique labeling, RFID and cloud hosted software technologies.

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  • RFID Tags Deployed
  • Inventory Moves
  • Dollars Saved
  • Hard Workers


Web based, RFID-assisted inventory management for your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

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  • Custom Design We provide custom built solutions to suite your every need.
  • Responsive Layout Our solutions work on all devices and the information is displayed so as to be readable in all lighting conditions, indoors and out.
  • Innovative Ideas We bring our lifelong innovative experience to the process of designing solutions which are focused on making your business more profitable and more productive.
  • Good Documentation We build documentation which allows you to pass on your "tribal knowledge" to all that will follow in your footsteps, with easy and intuitive UI/UX design and process flow diagrams which show work flow and orientation in every project.
  • Excellent Features The solutions we build provided features which allow features you frequently need and use. Information for information sake is of no use if it does not serve a purpose.
  • Retina Ready We realize that our solutions are used in all kind of environments and by all age groups. The solutions we build take into account that some people cant see small letters or that the backgrounds of screen vary in day light. So we design solutions which are clean and free of clutter displaying relevant information which is size appropriate for the device it is viewed on.
  • Initial setup
    • account configuration
    • hardware starter package
    • e-mail support
    • training
  • Monthly subscription
    • unlimited products
    • assets
    • inventory entries
    • inventory moves
  • Site hardware
    • gateway reader
    • bluetooth handheld RFID reader
    • one-time setup
    • support
    • training
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